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What are Parker's Pails?  Well, let me tell you!  They are going to be given out to every family diagnosed (age 3 and under) to provide some comfort and relief.  Every item has been hand selected by me, Parker's mommy, for a significant reason. 

 Our "team" is writing letters in the hopes to secure donated items to be included in the pail.  Our thoughts are to give you the opportunity to purchase specific items for a pail or sponsor a completed pail.  More details will follow on this, including the content items and purpose of them.


  • Must Be for Pay-Pay!
    Pay-Pay is Parker’s 5 year old sister, Payton.  Every time a package came, he always gave it to his sister for her to open.  He loved his Pay-Pay helping him with everything.
  • Pack of Disposable Sippy Cups
    Parker loved his drinks…juice, milk, water.  He would have them lined up in bed and even wake up in the middle of the night to make sure they were still in a line. This was a must have no matter where we were – even on wagon rides.
  • Coloring Book & Crayons
    Parker loved coloring with his sister, Payton, especially in Mickey Mouse books.
  • Children’s Blanket
    Parker loved his blankets.  Thomas and Diego were his favorites.  He would say “cold” when he wanted the blanket on him.  He also wanted to be covered up with one on wagon rides.
    Boz was another favorite of Parker’s.
  • Chapstick
    Another must have next to Parker in his wagon.  He loved to put it on himself.
  • Mr. Potato Head Toy
    Parker loved the playroom’s Mr. Potato Head so much, that we got him his own.  He loved putting the pieces in all the wrong places and hiding them in the back.
  • Notebook and Pen
    You will receive so much information.  I found it so handy to have a notebook in the room for all the information I was bombarded with.  And it was great to exchange other friend’s website info.
  • Index Card Holder & Index Cards
    A great idea from my mom.  This made recording gifts that we received so much easier for me to write thank you notes (no one expects you to write them though)
  • Panera Gift Card
    It is nice to have a meal outside of the hospital.
  • Publix Gift Card
    We enjoyed these for picking up either a meal or necessities for the Ronald McDonald House.  It was also a huge help when I had to run out for Parker’s favorite cravings, like Goldfish.
  • 7-Eleven Gift Card
    My husband commuted back and forth from DeLand to Orlando.  Obviously with gas prices so high, this was a most-welcomed gift that we received.
  • Starbucks Gift Card
    I became addicted!  This is a must-have with long days and long nights.
  • Disposable Camera
    “No Regrets”
    Capture the memories of your child and your family. I treasure all of our photos and am so thankful that we always had a camera nearby.


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